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UltraDream Full Spectrum Sleep Support

Sleep plays an important role in every aspect of our physical health. Sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk in a host of health issues. Studies show that getting too little sleep can affect your mood, weight, and more. UltraDream is a breakthrough for those who desire to enrich the quality of their sleep. By combining Zilis’ Sleep Support blend, containing well known sleep aids GABA and Melatonin, with Zilis’ proprietary Mimetix formula, UltraDream taps into the ECS where it helps settle you into a gently sleep and promotes a deep restfulness. Unlike other sleep aids, it contains no side effects. You’ll awake each morning refreshed and ready to take on the day. Discover the difference UltraDream can make for you tonight!

The Mimetix Formula

Typically, the conversation about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) revolves around phytocannabinoid alone.  Mimetix takes ECS health to a whole new level.  Mimetix is our full spectrum complex that includes: phytocannabinoids, terpenes, beta caryophyllene, alkamides, and cannabimimetics.  Cannabimimetics are defined as compounds that have the same pharmacological impact on the ECS as the hemp plant.  When combined in a full spectrum, water soluble format the results are extraordinary.

Exclusive Technology

As we all know, oil and water don’t mix.  It is a widely known fact that oil-based supplements are poorly absorbed by the body.  The proprietary UltraCell technology has been developed by Dr. Derrick DeSilva and Zilis’ team of experts to make the product 100% water soluble.  Through their proprietary process, every compound available is delivered deep into your system.  More bio-availability means more health benefits and a faster onset of action.